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Teaching Jobs Vacancies


You like to teach? You want a well-paid, safe & friendly education working environment?

TALENT CENTER is a leading English training organization with many full & part-time teachers & many of on & off-site students.

If you're an experienced teacher, join us and we will give you a very well paid job in a safe, friendly & innovative environment.

If you're newly graduated and want to be a good teacher, join us and we'll support you with in-house training, all the aids you need and excellent support staff.

If you're looking for adventure & a fun time while teaching, join us and we will offer you a job in your choice of branch in many interesting places in Vietnam.

If you're looking for a people oriented organization, join us and you will receive all the training, benefits, promotion, leave & bonuses that your contribution deserves.

So why wait? Drop us a brief email saying 'hi' with your CV attached and you'll be contacted by the Academic team to ensure your smooth arrival.

Please contact:

TALENT language center


ĐT: 08.22403.123



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