Tin tức

Hồng Kha

Dear Talent Center,

I’m writing about my teacher – Ms. Thuy in Talent Center.

Firstly, I want to introduce myself. My name is Hong Kha. I have been studying English in Talent for 7 months. Before studying, I had been considerable basic knowledge loss in English. When I began to study, I was an oldest member and I had worst skills in my class. But now, my skills are better because my friendly teacher helped me. She helped me to overcome the fear of English .Now I feel more confident in myself when I use English. I think it’s very important for those who start to study English.

Secondly, her teaching methods are very good, fun and easy to understand.  When she teaches, we are really interested in the lesson. I always feel the time passed so fast, so I hardly ever absent. Furthermore, I thought almost members in my class were bad at speaking skill so we needed a patient teacher to help us improve it and I noticed that she was doing well in her job.

I feel happy to study with her during the courses. I hope I will still study with her in the future. I strongly believe that I will be able to speak English fluently. To help me to that, I think my teacher has an important role in guiding me. I really appreciate her ability although she is very young.

In the New Year, I wish my teacher and all the teachers in Talent a lucky and happy New Year.

Wish Talent Center will succeed in 2015.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Kha from grade 3A.